Prospect and market demand of freeze drying industry

Freeze dried red dates, freeze-dried strawberries, freeze-dried corn... A series of new freeze-dried products have gradually become the "new favorite" of the food industry and consumers, and black technology freeze-dried food may detonate the big health industry. How "favored" are freeze-dried foods?

Recently, the reporter visited a number of snack food stores and found that freeze-dried food was placed in a prominent position on the shelf Z. "eating freeze-dried food has gradually become a fashion." The staff of the store told reporters that the store had just opened, and its daily sales had exceeded expectations.

China freeze drying industry Expo aims to carry forward the freeze drying industry technology, improve the overall image of the freeze drying industry, promote the industrialization, scale and standardization development of freeze drying equipment and freeze drying food, integrate the strengths and advantages of all parties based on Shanghai, and build the Expo into a platform for investment attraction, technical cooperation, product promotion, brand building and academic exchange with brand-new business philosophy and high-quality services, Build a freeze-drying industry event with international influence.

However, as the national demand for healthy and nutritious food increases, the price does not seem to have become a factor hindering the sales of freeze-dried food.

Staff also said that after the listing of freeze-dried food, more and more consumers came to consult and buy, and the sales market of relevant freeze-dried products was also bullish. It can be seen that the awareness of the whole consumer market is improving, and the market opportunities for a new generation of healthy freeze-dried food are also coming.

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